September in Year 4

What a fantastic and busy start to year 4!

The children have settled brilliantly and are working hard.

In literacy, as part of our thematic approach of “European Exploration”, we have been improving our geography skill. First we have used atlases and maps to locate the continents and oceans of the world and then to locate the countries and their capital cities of Europe. We have also used secondary sources to identify and research both human and physical geographical features of European countries.

In our writing, we have then used this knowledge from our own research to write Spain with a focus on using subordinating conjunctions to add extra detail to our sentences.

In maths, we have focus on a place value of 4 digit numbers as well as ordering and comparing them. We have then used our place value knowledge to learn our formal written methods by using column addition to solve addition equations and problems.

In science, we have started to explore electricity by thinking about what it is, how it is generated and how it makes our lives easier. We have also thought about how to keep ourselves safe around electrical appliances within our homes.

In computing, we have started to explore digital photo editing using a software programme. We have started to explore the different tools we can use to edit photos and the effect this can have.

In PE, we have been improving our water confidence along with our swimming as well as team building through a variety of games.

In Personal development, we have been working on improving our resilience, understanding others and taking responsibility for own happiness and actions. We have also thought about how our actions affect others when we are face to face and online, by thinking about kind words and being respectful.