September Update – Year 1!

Wow! What a busy first month back at school. Hasn’t it gone quick? The children have worked really hard this month learning new staff members, routines, classrooms and lessons. We are very proud of them all!

In our learning, our topic has been ‘Wild Weather’. Within this we have focused on the changes between the seasons in science, we even set up our own weather station to collect the rain! We have studied how the weather is different in different places in our world in our geography lessons. We have also done lots of art-work based on colour including the primary colours and mixing them to make secondary colours and also warm and cold colours too. As well as this, we have thought about the colours that represent our seasons, with us all completing a leaf rubbing piece of art.

Our other subjects have been PE and music. In indoor PE we have been doing some gymnastics in the hall exploring point and patch balances whilst outdoor we have been playing some playground games. In music we have been finding the rhythm and pulse to the music.

In maths, we have started with some number work, looking closely and really getting to know the numbers within 10. We have also looked at some 2d and 3d shapes and addition and subtraction. We have used lots of practical resources for this and have even started using number lines too!

Be sure to check back at the end of October to see how the rest of our half term went!