Spring term topic – Year 1

We would like to welcome Mrs Hurford to the teaching team in Year 1, some of you may remember her from EYFS. She will be in class every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, job sharing with Miss Evans.

During the Spring term the children in Year 1 will be exploring the theme of Extreme Weather.

They will be encouraged to plan what they would like to learn about and which areas they would like to do this in. We have a creative area, outside, block area, writing area and role play for the children to explore their ideas fully and develop their understanding of key concepts.

We would like to invite you to bring in any objects, photos, artefacts or books that relate to this new topic that we can share with the children in class.

Thank you so much for the donations to our small parts project, we are still looking for items that we can use – these could include nuts, bolts, bendy piping, screws, buttons, bits of material, pine cones, small, smooth pebbles or conkers.