STAR Project

This week Y6 have been involved in the STAR project. Carl Jolly, a Youth Engagement Officer from West Mercia Police ,delivered the project.

We focused on the following:

Unit 1:

  • Drugs awareness
  • Challenging our perceptions of what a drug dealer looks like

Unit 2:

  • Positive/negative feelings and how they affect our moods/behavior
  • Identifying our personal strengths to help build self esteem

Unit 3:

  • Definitions of what a drug is and awareness of legal and illegal drugs
  • Awareness of different types of drugs and whether they are harmful or beneficial
  • Negative impact of drinking too much alcohol
  • How tobacco affects a young person’s body
  • Misuse of other dangerous substances

Unit 4:

  • Personality types and how being more assertive can help when dealing with peer pressure

Unit 5:

  • Keeping safe and staying out of trouble

Unit 6:

  • Being assertive and learning how to say NO in difficult situations

Unit 7:

  • People I can go to if I need help
  • My hopes and dreams for the futureSAM_1075 SAM_1320 SAM_1321 SAM_1334