Super September

The children have made an amazing transition from Reception into Year 1 and have settled in to the new routines brilliantly. They have really shown off how hard they can work and have been confident to share their thinking and understanding.


Since starting in Year 1, the children have been continuing to practise and learn their speeds sounds using the Read Write Inc programme. It has been great to see how the children are growing in confidence to apply their phonic knowledge into their writing in both phonics and other subject areas.


In maths the children have been continuing to secure their knowledge and understanding of numbers to 10. They have been identifying numbers that are 1 more or 1 less than a given number as well as ordering no sequential numbers from smallest to greatest. During our maths learning the children have also been introduced to new mathematical symbols when comparing numbers:

<    less than e.g. 1<5

>    greater than e.g. 5>1

=     equal to e.g. 5=5


The children have been learning about the changes between seasons throughout the year. The children have looked closely at the changes between Summer and Autumn and how the weather changes during this time of year. Together the children have found out about weather stations and how they help meteorologists study and measure the weather. The children than designed and built a class weather station to find out ‘How much rain falls at Woodlands?’

Foundation subjects

In History, the children have been learning about timelines and how a human changes over time. The children have also looked in detail at the life of Queen Elizabeth II and created a timeline of events from her life.

Within Music the children have been listening to different pieces of Hip Hop music and have appraise the piece; thinking about whether they liked or disliked the music and the instruments they could hear.  The have also been learning to find the pulse to the song ‘Hey you!’ and have particularly enjoyed learning the rap verse!

During Art, the children have been exploring colour and learning how to mix primary colour to create secondary colours. The children have also sketched some amazing self portraits and took great care over the positioning of their facial features.

In PE the children have been exploring point and patch balances as part of gymnastics whilst outdoor they have begun the sessions with running half a mile before taking part in team games such as follow the leader and collect the treasure.