Terrific Totem Poles

As part of our Creative Arts Week, we decide to focus on Native American Totem Poles.

Because our topic is Land of the Free, we chose to focus on the culture of Native America as they are the indigenous people and culture of the United States.

After exploring a variety of aspects of Native American culture, we focused on Native American Art and the community. We discovered that the Totem Pole was a very important part of the community.

As our class is a community, we decided to create a mind map of qualities that our class possesses in order to be a good community.

We then decided to each portray a class quality / feature through art work. Finally, we put our artwork together to create our Totem pole. We hope you like it!


SAM_1089 SAM_1090 SAM_1091 SAM_1092 SAM_1093 SAM_1094 SAM_1096 SAM_1097 SAM_1098 SAM_1099 SAM_1100 SAM_1101 SAM_1102 SAM_1103 SAM_1104 SAM_1105 SAM_1106 SAM_1107 SAM_1108 SAM_1109 SAM_1110 SAM_1111 SAM_1112 SAM_1113 SAM_1114 Totem pole picture complete