The Red Letter Project at Woodlands

Today Woodlands Primary School was visited by Tracey, Project Co-ordinator with The Red Box Project Telford.  The Red Box Project aim is to end period poverty in schools.

“The Red Box Project was set up in Portsmouth in 2017 and has since been rolled out throughout the UK. Our aim is to provide every school throughout Telford with a ‘red box’ filled with sanitary products, in a bid to stamp out Period Poverty and help keep our young women in school, gaining the valuable education that they need to succeed in later life.  We sponsor and stock a red box filled with sanitary towels, feminine hygiene products and spare pants. Plain paper bags are included for discretion.   The Red Box Project comes at absolutely no cost to the school and will be maintained by us. All your staff would need to do is make the box easily accessible to students who may need it and to inform us when we need to replenish the stock. This is a very simple, no frills project and is entirely funded by community kindness, woman to young woman.” (Tracey)

The Woodlands Red Box will be kept within school for all staff to access to ensure it is easily accessible to pupils.  If you would like to know more about period poverty please contact Lynn Bailey on 01952 386070 or pop into the Eco Lodge.