TTRS Battle of the Bands

Exciting news!

We are excited to announce that Woodlands will be holding our first ‘Battle of the Bands’ on Times Table Rockstars, beginning today and ending on Friday at 12:30pm.

TTRS is used by Y3-6 and some children in Y2 so this means I’m talking to you!

Each class is considered as a band and every band is competing against one another.

Every correct answer in any game type is worth 1 point towards your team’s score. In other words, you can play in Garage, Rock Slam, Soundcheck, etc and earn 1 point per correct answer. The more points you earn, the more points your team earns – it’s as easy as that 😊

I will share the winning band with you on Friday afternoon and there will be a prize for the winning band.

Hopefully this will be the first of many competitions!

Rock out!

Miss Booth