Vincent Van Gogh

During our topic work, we have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh and discussing our opinions about a range of his most famous works.

We looked at a variety of his paintings and, as a group, we discussed them and jotted down what we noticed. We decided we could talk about:

  • The title and when it was created
  • What the painting is of
  • What colours are used
  • How it makes us feel
  • What brushstrokes have been used

We then discussed our ideas as a class in order for us to form an opinion on each painting.  Eventually, we decided what our favourite painting was and why.

ex 2ex 1







‘Starry Night’ was a painting we particularly liked so we decided to have a go at recreating it ensuring we mirrored his artistic style. First, we discussed what we thought the painting was of and why. Next, we chose important areas of the painting to outline as this enabled us to notice key shapes in the painting. Finally, we used colour to add extra detail using Van Gogh’s specific brush strokes (various dash lengths) to add detail and shading. We had aching hands, but beautiful pictures, by the end of the afternoon!

draw 2 draw 1