What a Month!!!

May has been another busy month in Year 6.  Staff were extremely proud of the children with their attitude towards the SAT examinations. They tried their hardest – and that is all anyone can ask!

After SATs, we introduced the children to our Year Six musical production, which is called SPLASH! The play is based loosely on Noah’s Ark – told from the animals’ point of view! Preston Parrot is on a mission to save his animal friends from the greatest flood in history. However, when no one believes his news, he resorts to a little deception and arranges a luxury cruise on board ‘The Ark!’ The children were incredibly brave and auditioned for many roles. Everyone is involved and we are enjoying starting to rehearse and learn the songs. In fact, lots of children are giving up their time after school to come to drama club rehearsals.

In Science, we have been continuing our work on Light – investigating the reflected and incident ray, along with their angles. As our science unit is part of a crime investigation, we used our knowledge and made a periscope to investigate different reflective materials. We found out that retro reflective material does not enable you to see through the periscope because, the rougher the surface, the less reflective (the light shot back in different directions). Then, the duller the surface, the less reflective as more light was absorbed. After our investigation, we could eliminate a suspect.

To celebrate the Jubilee, we have been involved in the school art competition. Each year group has been given a different artist to explore and we have to create a portrait of the Queen in the style of the artist. The artist we have been given to study, and create a piece of art in the style of, is Frida Kahlo.  The children had some magnificent ideas and are currently creating them. We will keep you posted with some of their portraits after half term.