What an amazing start to the school year in EYFS!

What a super start to the school year! The children in EYFS have settled in extremely well in to the setting and learning their new routines and rules. We have had a heavy focus on reading stories related to our feelings, understanding our own and others’ feelings and beginning to know how to self-regulate when our feelings get a little out of our control.  There are some photos below of the stories we have focused on so far within school.


This week, the children have begun to solve problems related to ‘sorting and matching’ within our mathematics sessions. They have had amazing ideas about how to categorise objects, from their colour to their size or to their pattern!

Take a look at the photos below of our maths sessions!

Sorting and matching      Sorting and matching

As a unit we have begun to explore our project ‘This is me’ with a focus on who we are. The children have engaged in many different projects relating to many aspects of themselves and those that are important to them.


Within the Piazza the children have been exploring the story ‘The Colour monster’ and the feelings – happy, sad, anger, fear, calm and loved. They have been using drawings and role play to share their experiences of these feelings and are being to explain further why they feel this emotion. Through these discussions the Educator noted that the children would share family celebrations that made them experience the emotion ‘happiness’. The children were invited to share their experiences of birthdays and how they are celebrated in their family and how these celebrations are similar or different to one another.

Below are some photos of the children’s learning in the Piazza.

Drawing emotionsPainting emotionsPaintingRepresenting emotions

Block area

In the Block area the Educator has invited the children to share their experiences of homes and houses. The children have designed their homes using drawings and paint before using the construction materials to build their design. They have been thinking carefully about how to balance and join their materials to ensure that they are strong and have been confident to try again if their constructions falls, thinking about how they can improve their structure. The children have also researched into how builders stack bricks to ensure houses are safe and secure.

Here are some examples of the children’s homes.

Building a home          Building a home


In the Workshop the children began their enquiry by thinking about theirs and their family’s physical appearance. Initial simple representations have become more complex over time as the children have reflected on and improved their designs over time. The children have used large and small scale drawing, a range of paints, clay and small parts to develop their ideas. Recently the focus from the children has moved to what might be inside their head. This focus on the human brain is beginning to enable the children to make connections between the brain and the rest of their body.

“A brain computer in my head!”

“The colours show the different parts of the brain. They do different things, breathe, talk, cook, see.”

Drawing the body           Clay representation of the brain Drawing the brain       Researching the brain


The children within the café begun their project, learning how to access the snack table safely, ensuring good hygiene and table manners. The educator noticed how the children began to speak about their own likes and dislikes in regard to food. The group have explored further into this idea and researched into healthy and unhealthy foods. This week, the children have prepared, cooked and eaten a healthy version of one of their favourite meals – burgers!

Cooking burgers Cooking burgers Cooking burgers

Outdoor area

The children have loved exploring the outdoor space this month in particular our new balance and climbing area. The Educators have built on the children’s interest of this spaces and offered them the opportunity to create and build their own obstacle course using their knowledge of the new area. More recently, this has led on to the children creating buildings from their own communities and discussing what they know about their surrounding community.

Balancing Balancing BalancingForest school Forest school Forest school