What are the current interests of the children?

The children, as ever, are full of questions and theories about the world around them. During our daily project time, current provocations are as follows,

The studio

During the Autumn term many of the children deepened their understanding of technology and its uses by using an app on the iPads to enhance and document their story-telling. Mrs Drury has deceided to continue with this idea, as she has observed the children, again, creating their own narratives. However, this half-term she has re-introduced an app called EduCreations in order to enable them to do this. Mrs Drury is asking, How can we use the EduCreation app to continue to develop our own narratives?


The Block Area

Many of the children continue to talk and ask questions about the sky. This has led Mrs Archer to ask, How can we use the blocks and other loose parts to represent things, both imaginary and factual, that we find in the sky? Many of the children are particularly interested in space. Children combine loose parts and projected images enabling them to bring their ideas about space to life.


Role-play Area and Book Corner

In order to develop a new exciting and enticing space for learning and collaborating, Miss Whitehouse is asking, what are the children’s experiences of food and cafes? Having discovered and enjoyed the Alan Ahlberg story, Mrs Wobble the Waitress the group have decided to create a cafe. They are enjoying creating the props they feel they will need to develop a cafe role-play area. They have combined media in order to create their own plates of favourite foods as well as applying their phoinc skills to help them to create menus to select food choices in the cafe. Next steps include introducing money and real-life problems to the shop.


The Workshop

After initial observations of a group of children, Miss Smallwood noticed that many of them were interested in the qualities of two very different plants; a dead conifer tree and a healthy, green plant. Miss Smallwood wondered, what are the children’s experiences of growth? A multi-station approach was offered (a range of media) to enable the children to explore and represent their theories of growth, change and death.