What’s been happening in EYFS in January


The children in Nursery began this year by investigating what they notice about their immediate environment around school.

The children in the morning Nursery session have developed interest in their own shadows. Children have noticed their shadows change and have begun to link this to the strength of the sun or the light as they deepen their thinking and ideas. Ideas about change, movement, space, shape, size, colour and the relationship between light and dark have been explored. Take a look at some photos of the children’s shadow exploration:

exploring shadows  exploring shadows  exploring shadows

Children in the afternoon Nursery began by developing imaginative stories around the buildings and structures at school. Children have created narratives about Goldilocks, pirates, teacher, and bug houses. This has progressed into a collective narrative as the children offer and develop alternate story endings to the Goldilocks story and begin to combine different familiar stories to support their role play and imaginative development.

Child painting   Child building  Child drawing



The children in reception have been exploring the school’s local area by going on a  walk to the Park Lane centre and exploring the school grounds. The children have used these experiences to share their understanding of human and physical features of the environment and have represented these through drawings, construction, paint and writing. They have also begun to represent their journey to school as a map ensuring that they identify the human and physical features that they observe on the journey.

Park Lane centre Walk of local area Child drawing Drawing a map Drawing a mapDrawing a mapDrawing a map