What’s been happening in Year 2 in September?

The children have had an amazing start to Year 2 and have settled into the new routines extremely well.

In Phonics, the children have been continuing to learn and consolidate their set 2 and set 3 sounds. They have been using this knowledge to write about the Read Write Inc texts their group has read during the week.

Below are a copy of set 2 and set 3 sounds:

During Maths, the children have been securing their knowledge of numbers to 50 and then 100. They have partitioned and represented the tens and units and have used the mathematical symbols < > = to compare two numbers:

<    less than e.g. 34 < 50

>    greater than e.g. 45 > 24

=     equal to e.g. 29 = 29

Super Shropshire

During their afternoon learning, the children have been learning about human and physical geographical features in our school environment. The children have used a range of resources to represent the different geographical features and have drawn simple maps of the school grounds, using aerial maps.


As part of this learning, the children and parents walked from school to Ironbridge to observe the human and physical features surrounding a local landmark.

In PE the children have been learning the basic skills of cricket. The children have enjoyed learning how to pass a ball in a variety of ways and aiming for a target given.