Y3 Trip to Weston Park


On Tuesday, year three went on a great day out to Weston Park where we took part in several fascinating activities!


First, we split into two groups to look around the house and the walled gardens. We enjoyed finding out about the paintings in the house and their special pet parrot that had come from Brazil. This parrot was special because it was male but it laid eggs! This happened because the parrot was in captivity so lived longer than a usual parrot in the wild. When the eggs hatched, they were empty and sadly the parrot died.

SAM_0170 SAM_0175 SAM_0180

Then, we ate our packed lunches in an old stable house. We knew it was an old stable house because there were troughs (that looked like baskets) at the top of the walls that hay would have been put in for the horses to eat. We also knew, as outside there were old steps that led nowhere to help you mount your horse and there were plaques on the walls with the horse’s names on. There was one horse called Weston Queen!

Finally, we spent some time enjoying ourselves on the adventure playground playing on the zip line, an enormous slide and many more exciting things.