It has been lovely to see all of the children returning to school after some pupils were remote learning from home. They all settled back in extremely well and enjoyed the team building activities that were planned for the first few days of their return.

We have been very busy with our learning this month and have enjoyed a variety of different subjects and events.

After a recap of some key skills in Literacy (such as subordinating clause, integrated dialogue etc), we then applied these into our own narrative – an extra Chapter for Prince Kaspar Kandinsky. This time however he was in New York and on Liberty Island. We wrote some fantastic adventure stories – where Kaspar had a lucky escape and used, yet another, one of his nine lives.

During Maths, we have been exploring multiplying decimals by whole numbers and adding & subtracting mixed number fractions with fluency activities and problems to solve – where we were often required to explain our reasoning.

This month, in Science, we have had great fun with our learning about Evolution – particularly when taking part in a beak investigation connected to Darwin’s finches. When he visited the Galapagos Islands, he studied adaptation characteristics. We investigated which beak was most suited to a food type and how adaptation may lead to evolution.


During Art, we have been learning all about the artist Jackson Pollock and expressing our thoughts on his art work and his ideas, methods and approaches used in his paintings. Using Pollock as our inspiration, we painted our own scene of New York in his style – selecting colours carefully to express the mood and feeling of the piece whilst varying the shade and tint of paint.

Furthermore, we had fun whilst supporting the charity ‘Comic Relief’ by taking part in a ‘wear red ‘day!


We know that Mrs Duncombe also shared some of our fabulous outfits on the school newsletter for that week.

Have a great Easter; we look forward to sharing our learning with you again in the Summer term!