This week we will be learning about:

Guided Reading: We are reading ‘Diamonds’ – a non-fiction (information text). The learning will be comprehension questions, dictionary work, thesaurus work and word class work.

Literacy: This week we are learning about the passive voice. It is a new skill for Y6 and may be tricky but persevere and, with practice, it will become clearer. Towards the end of the week, we will be exploring different countries (linked to Kasper) and having a spelling-based lesson.

Maths: The focus for the beginning of this week is on finding fractions of numbers (unit and non-unit fractions). We will then be beginning to explore percentages and there is an arithmetic on Friday.

In the afternoons, we are: learning about divisions on earth, e.g. longitude, latitude etc, doing games (this is different for remote learning so please look at dojo) and in science, we are continuing to learn about blood.

Remember the learning is on dojo via videos, powerpoints, pdfs etc.

Good Luck!