This week we will be learning about:

Guided Reading: We are reading ‘Happy Land’ – a fiction text (a story). The learning will be comprehension questions, dictionary work, thesaurus work and word class work.

Literacy: This week we are writing a prequel to Kasper – Prince of Cats. This prequel will tell the story of one of Kasper’s nine lives: his life in Russia before he came to London. We are explicitly considering: adventurous vocabulary, expanded noun phrases, speech dialogue (using the ‘w’ model), colons & semi-colons and relative clauses. The children are also encouraged to use other literary devices where possible.

Maths: The focus for the beginning of this week is on converting fractions to percentages and then converting fractions to decimals in the latter half of the week. This paves the way to our learning next week which will challenge us to convert between all three (fractions, percentages and decimals!).

In the afternoons, we are: researching Geographical information, specifically about Anchorage in Alaska, New York City and Rio de Janeiro; doing games (this is different for remote learning so please look at dojo), and, in Science, we are finding out about how nutrients and water are transported around the human body. How interesting!

Remember the learning is on dojo via videos, PowerPoints, pdfs etc.

Good Luck!