Year 1 home learning WB 5.1.21

This week we are asking year 1 home learners to practise their speed sounds and spellings using the online Read Write Inc videos posted on class dojos each day. These can also be accessed on YouTube for those of you that are unable to access using class dojos. Please click on the link below to view these:

Ruth Miskin Training – YouTube

For maths we are learning about place value to 20.

Day 1 – representing numbers to 20 in different ways (tens and units)

Day 2 – 1 more than numbers to 20

Day 3 – 1 less than numbers to 20

Day 4 – comparing numbers to 20 using the greater than and less than language and symbols.

In our project learning we have posed the question ‘what is the most important part of the body?’. The children in school have shared their thinking about this using drawings and loose parts. This thinking will be shared on class dojo to support our remote learners thinking about this question.

We will be posting daily learning (powerpoints, videos, website links)  on Class Dojos.

We look forward to seeing all your great learning, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of the year 1 staff if you need any additional support during this time.

Thank you 🙂

Mrs Paterson and Mrs Braim