Year 1 in October

What another amazing month we have had in year 1! The children have been continuing to work extremely hard in all the learning they have been doing over the past few weeks.


The children are continuing to practise and learn their set 1, 2 and 3 speed sounds and are becoming more confident at transferring this knowledge into their writing.


During maths, the children have been learning different mathematical strategies to support when adding and subtracting within 10. They are able to use a number line to count forwards and backwards as well as using jottings. The children have also learnt how to measure the length of objects using non standard (cubes) and standard units (cm).




The children have been learning about different materials and their properties. They have been thinking and explaining why an object has been made out of a particular material and why other materials are not suitable for example is paper a good material for a coat.

Foundation subjects

During Art, the children have been using their knowledge of colour mixing to create their own representation of Wassiley Kandinsky’s ‘Squares with Concentric Circles’. They were able to recall lots of facts about Kandinsky from when they learnt about him in Reception!

The children have begun to learn about how to play the recorder in Music. They have found out how to correctly hold the instrument and how to play the musical note B.


As part of Black History month, the children in year 1 learnt all about Rosa Parks. The children found out about why she is an important figure in history and how Rosa Parks felt about how she was treated. The children enjoyed taking on the role of Rosa Parks and the different people on the bus as this allowed them to develop a greater understanding of how she would of felt.