Year 1’s amazing remote learning WE 5.2.21

What an amazing week of home learning!

This week all of year 1 have been learning from home and they have worked their socks off!

They have been learning their speed sounds and becoming more fluent at reading their group’s storybook. They have been using their phonics to hold and write sentences as well as editing our proofreads for grammar and spelling mistakes.

The children have pushed themselves when learning to count in 2’s and 5’s. They have tried to see how quickly they can put the numbers in order to 50 when counting in 2’s and 5’s – they are getting quicker!


They have also been exploring their senses further by finding out what would happen if we took our sense of sight away. They predicted what they thought an object was by just touching and what food it was from just tasting! We think the grown up’s at home had lots of fun with this! The children also used their sense of sight to create an observational drawing of what we can see out of our window.