Year 1’s January Update.


In Maths, the children have been developing their understanding of place value and working with numbers up to 50, by counting forwards and back. They have also been representing two-digit numbers within 50, using tens frames and dienes.  The children then applied their understanding of place value when completing addition and subtraction equations involving numbers 0 – 20. To support them with this, they used number lines, physical resources or jottings.


In Geography, the children have explored their experiences of the United Kingdom and the wider world. They can now name the four countries of the UK and have a better understanding of their position within it. They also have a better understanding of the UK’s position within the continent of Europe.  They have also begun to explore some of the other continents of the world.

In Spring 2, we will further this understanding again as we explore the differences in human and physical features of Ghana compared to the UK, including the weather – drawing upon prior knowledge of continents.


In Science, the children have furthered their knowledge of seasonal change and are now building on their understanding of how day length varies. In recent weeks, they have begun to explore the timing of the sunrise and sunset, and how these change throughout the seasons.


In Music, the children have been listening to, and appraising, a range of different genres of music, thinking carefully about the style, the structure, and the instruments they can hear.