Year 1’s May Learning.


In Science this term, we have continued to learn about plants with a focus on ‘Common Wild and Garden Flowers including Trees. To support an enquiry base style of learning, we explored our local environment through a Nature walk around the Lloyds Meadow and surrounding area. The children were asked to explore and observe their surrounding looking for a range of common wildflowers and trees. We also used mindfulness to listen carefully to what we could hear all around us as we lay in the soft, long grass of the Meadow.


This term we have been learning to play the recorder. Once we had overcome the excitement of blowing our recorders, we learnt and practiced playing the note B and then the note A,before performing a short piece of music using these two notes.

Jubilee celebration

Whole school Art project.

This term we were asked to take part in a whole school Art project. Each year group was allocated an artist to study and then asked to create a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II in the style of their artist.  In year 1 we explored Joan Miro and used his abstract style to create our own work.