Year 2 in the Autumn term


In maths, the children have been consolidating their understanding of tens and units with numbers to 100. They have learnt how to partition 2-digit numbers to support when adding and subtracting using practical resources such as dienes and jottings.

Please see the videos on the link below to support your child further at home with this (Autumn – addition and subtraction)


Phonics/ Literacy

In phonics, the children have been consolidating their set 2 and set 3 sounds. They have also been developing and increasing their fluency through the reading of Read Write Inc text.

The children in the Literacy group have been focusing on the text ‘Amazing Grace’. In their lessons they have been learning how to make predictions before reading and recalling information from the story. The children have sequenced and retold the main events from the story. They have learnt about noun phrases (adding more information about a noun) and how to use these phases in their own writing. The group have learnt how to join two main clauses together using co-ordinating conjunctions – see the image below.


Personal Development

Over the last half term, the children have been learning about their health and wellbeing. They have been finding out how keeping active can help their physical and mental wellbeing. They have also thought more about their emotions and how people can show these emotions in different ways and exploring the different strategies they can use to help them particularly when feeling angry, sad or frustrated.



During the second half of the autumn term, the children have learnt about Black History. Together they researched, using a variety of sources, why black history is important and how it has had a significant impact on life today. The children then focused their attention and research on Rosa Parks. Together they learn about the significant events in her life and how this has helped to change the rights of black people today.

See images below showing the children understanding of black people’s rights in the past and present and Rosa Park’s timeline

Design and Technology

In their design technology lessons the children have learnt about hidden sugars in our foods and how to ensure we have a balanced diet. The children then used this knowledge to taste test and design their own healthy wrap containing a protein, fruit or vegetable, dairy and carbohydrates. Together the children prepared and cut their ingredients before combining them together in their wrap.

See photos below for examples of what they children know about the food they eat and the Eat well plate showing a balanced diet.


Religious Education

The children have been learning about the similarities and differences between each other and between different religions. The children began the unit sharing those things that make them special – their favourite place, celebration, book, and a symbol to represent themselves. The children read the Christian story ‘The good Samaritan’ and discussed how the good Samaritan showed that he cared before sharing how they could show someone they care about them. They then learnt about what matters most what we see on the outside or how a person is on the inside using the Jewish story of King David’s anointing to support.

Below are examples of the children’s thoughts about what makes them special.