Year 2 May learning update

May Year 2 update

How can it be May already? It’s been another fantastic month in Year 2 and we’ve achieved such a lot. May is always important for year 2 as we have SAT’s to complete. We are so proud of each and every child as they have all used their secrets of success to push themselves, work hard and never give up. As well as the all important SAT’s we’ve managed to squeeze in lots of other learning. In literacy we have started to find out about Australia and the animals that live there. We will continue our exploration of Australia and native Aboriginal culture in art, dance and music too. In maths lessons we’ve have been securing our calculating strategies ensuring we are confident in addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Our science work has taken us on to find out more about plants. We planted our own sunflower seeds and have watched them grow into seedlings. We have taken them home to care for and are looking forward to watching them grow and complete the lifecycle we have learnt about in class. We have done a lot of work in computing lessons programming and de-bugging algorithms (instructions), this has been fantastic fun. Our greatest achievement this month has got to be learning to play the recorder. We have already mastered the notes B and A. We are really looking forward to learning new notes and being able to play more complicated pieces of music.