Year 3 DEWA Experience

Year 3 had an amazing day today at the DEWA Roman experience in Chester. We marched through the Roman City, following a Roman soldier, under the city walls to the Roman gardens. Here we learnt how to master drill formations and trained to be Roman soldiers. We then moved to the amphitheatre where we learned more about gladiator fighting and were ‘entertained’ by Mrs Duncombe and Mrs Brennan fighting to the death! After lunch we explored the ‘hands on’ Roman museum and saw a real archaeological dig site! It was a truly fabulous day!SAM_2171 SAM_2172 SAM_2173 SAM_2174 SAM_2175 SAM_2176 SAM_2177 SAM_2178 SAM_2179 SAM_2180 SAM_2181 SAM_2182 SAM_2183 SAM_2184 SAM_2185 SAM_2186 SAM_2187 SAM_2188 SAM_2189 SAM_2190 SAM_2191 SAM_2192 SAM_2193 SAM_2194 SAM_2195 SAM_2196 SAM_2197 SAM_2198 SAM_2199 SAM_2200 SAM_2201 SAM_2202 SAM_2203 SAM_2204 SAM_2205 SAM_2149 SAM_2150 SAM_2151 SAM_2152 SAM_2153 SAM_2154 SAM_2155 SAM_2156 SAM_2157 SAM_2158 SAM_2159 SAM_2160 SAM_2161 SAM_2162 SAM_2163 SAM_2164 SAM_2165 SAM_2166 SAM_2167 SAM_2168 SAM_2169