Year 3’s February Learning

We have still managed to squeeze a lot of learning into three weeks this month!

In our Literacy lessons, we have written an independent diary entry as if we were the archaeologist discovering Stonehenge for the first time. In our diary entry we remembered to include first person pronouns (I, me, my), feelings to describe how we felt and we wrote it in the past tense.

During Numeracy, we have practised multiplying a two digit number by a one digit number, for example 34 x 3. To solve these equations we have used partitioning to help us. For example, to solve 34 x 3 we would solve 30 x 3 first and then 4 x 3, then add the answers together.

In our Science learning, we have explored how shadows are created and which materials are the most or least reflective.

Finally, we have really loved our music lessons this month as we have learnt a new song which we performed in groups and had to listen carefully and sing in tune. We also created our own composition by playing the glockenspiels.


Children standing up singing

Children making shadows on the playground