Year 3’s January Update

As part of our Literacy and Geographical work, the children have been learning how to use atlases to find cities and counties in the UK. The children have then researched Cardiff and Belfast and they have used this information to write a comparative piece of writing, looking at similarities and differences between the two cities.

In Numeracy, the children have mastered expanded decomposition method as part of their work learning 3 digit – 3 digit subtraction. They have also learnt to multiply a 2 digit number by a single digit number using the partitioning method. Please help the children learn their 4x table, including the related division facts, as this is a focus for this half term.

During their Science lessons, the children have carried out an investigation to identify the most reflective material. Some children found that foil was the most reflective, whilst other children found that the reflective strips on the walking bus jackets were the most reflective. This then led the children on to think about the suitability of materials and they decided that wearing foil when they are out would not be the most suitable choice!

Children playing the recorder.

The children have really enjoyed learning to play the recorders as they are continuing to build on the notes they learnt in Year 2. A well done to the children who are going to be taking part in the Recorder Festival in February at the Theatre!