Year 3’s June Learning

This month we have had an incredible month full of exciting learning opportunities.

In our Literacy work, we wrote a non-chronological report about the Roman legacy and we are beginning to plan a gladiator debate. To support our historical work, we visited the Chester Deva Museum earlier this week. We had the opportunity to explore the museum and hear what life was like for the Romans, as well as marching through the streets of Chester as a Roman soldier, learning about life as a soldier and gladiator.

As part of our Design and Technology work, we created Japanese fruit skewers and filo vegetable pastry tarts. We looked at seasonality and created our tarts based on seasonal vegetables currently readily available.

In our Science work, we are currently investigating the properties of rocks to find out which rock is the most permeable. The children have made their predictions based on their knowledge of the rocks so far and are looking forward to carrying out their investigations next week.

Children stood in ruins of an amphitheatre holding shields.

Child cutting up a pepper.

Child holding a large Roman shield.