Year 3’s March Learning

Wow! What an amazing month Year 3!

We have been very busy this month practising for our Easter Production that we will be performing to parents on the 4th and 5th April.

In our Literacy lessons we have been creating our own adventure story based on a story called ‘The Stone Age Boy’. We have been very impressed by the imaginative ideas the children have had and cannot wait until they are finished.

During Numeracy this month, we have been learning about different turns (quarter, half, three quarter and full turns) as well as the direction of turns (clockwise and anti-clockwise). Finally, we have started to look at right angles and used a square to find as many right angles as we could outside. (photo below)

We have been learning about friction in Science this month. We carried out our own investigation to find out which material creates the most friction and which material creates the least friction. We tested four different materials to see the impact that these had on the speed of a toy car down a ramp. Can your child tell you what the results were?

Child using a square to find a right angle outside.