Year 3’s May Learning

This month we have been getting very creative. We have learnt about pneumatic systems and as part of our Design and Technology work we have built and tested our own pneumatic Roman catapult. This was very exciting as we explored different ways of using compressed air to create power!

Continuing our Roman theme, we have explored a range of Roman artefacts and thought carefully about who might have used them, what they might have been used for and what they were made out of. This encouraged many children to pose questions to research further!

As well as this, we have been given our own recorder at school and began to play them! I’m sure many of you have seen the amazing video I posted on Class Dojo of the children playing note A and B in time to the music.

Keep an eye out for next months update when we visit the Roman Deva Museum in Chester!


Roman artefact with children's work. Two children holding their pneumatic Roman catapult.