Year 3’s May Learning

Year 3’s May Learning

This month, we have enjoyed researching all about the Romans and what they brought to Britain. We have spent some time finding out about why the Romans invaded Britain, the Roman army and its soldiers and what legacy the Romans left behind. We have summarised our historical research in our Literacy lessons.

In Numeracy, we have learnt how a fraction is made, how to order fractions as well as calculating fractions of amounts. This has proved interesting when deciding whether we would prefer a ½ or 1/3 of a chocolate bar!

As part of our Science work learning about rocks, the children have had an opportunity to find out the physical properties of rocks by either testing out the permeability of rocks (how much water the rock can absorb), or finding out how hardwearing each rock was.

We have been amazed by the Roman shields that the children have made at home and brought into school so far! They are fabulous! Thank you for all your effort with this!

The pictures below show children enjoying their Science and Numeracy work.

Children placing droplets of water onto a rock.

A child placing droplets of water onto a rock.