Year 3’s November Update

This month in Literacy, the children have developed their understanding of the story ‘The First Drawing’. They have also practised using co-ordinating conjunctions and learnt about contractions. As well as this, they have been learning how to use thesauruses to look up synonyms. We are now moving onto instructional writing and today the children gave and followed instructions to make a jam sandwich.

In their Numeracy lessons, the children have learnt to divide by 3, 4 and 8. They have also learnt how to draw and interpret tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. Over the next week, they children will be learning a formal method for addition.

In Science, the children have enjoyed their first lesson about light. They looked in a dark box to see if they could identify the object in there. They found out that they needed some light to enable them to see the object clearly. The children sorted a range of pictures into two groups; is a light source and is not a light source.

Just a reminder, the children are going to the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre on Wednesday 29th November. They will need to wear their school jumper, with PE bottoms and suitable footwear for walking. They will need a small bag and a drinks bottle, as well as their lunch if they are not having a school sandwich.

Children spreading jam on bread

A child looking into a dark box