Year 4 December Update

What a fabulous end to the year!

We have been working hard making torches in Design Technology – researching, planning, making and evaluating.

In literacy, we have been using our spelling and grammar knowledge to write a comparative report on the biomes and climate of Spain and the UK. We have also been learning how to use a  thesaurus effectively to expand our vocabulary.

As mathematicians we have been learning strategies to help us divide and multiply using a formal written method.

During our science lessons, we have been building on our knowledge of the different states of matter and how these can change by applying heat or freezing.

In PE we have continued with Orienteering, making our own course using maps for our class to follow.

Not only all of this, but we have been continuing to grow our knowledge of Spanish words – learning objects in the classroom and finding out about the 5 pillars of Islam in RE.