Year 4 January Update

In Year 4 the children have started the topic of ‘Incredible Invaders’ which covers the Anglo Saxon and Viking invasion of Britain. Children have learnt about the similarities and differences of the invasion of Britain as well as identified the cause and consequences of the invasions.

In Year 4, during literacy the children have been learning to include a variety of grammatical features in their writing. Literacy has been based on the text, ‘There’s a Viking My Bed’ by Jeremy Strong. Children have learnt how to use fronted adverbials to begin sentences to show when, where or how the verb happened. They continued their learning by using expanded noun phrases to describe and make their writing interesting. Finally, they have learnt how to use the ‘W’ method to use direct speech in their narrative writing for example, “I hungry, need food!” Siggy exclaimed loudly as he searched the kitchen. The children will be writing their own narrative based on the Viking Siggy visiting Woodlands Primary School.

During maths, the children have learnt about fact families of numbers and how to use their inverse to check their calculations. Following this, the children have covered co-ordinated and learn how to plot point in the first quadrant of a grid as well as translate a shape from one position to another. The children have also been using their skills to round 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. They have learnt that they need to use the key digit to help them to round up or down.

During Science, the children have learnt about the water cycle, discovering how water is reused by changing state in various ways. Year 4 have completed various experiments change the state of water and chocolate learning what happens when each is cooled and heated.

In our foundation subjects Year 4 have continued to learn to play the recorder and begun to learn a part to play in the ABBA classic Mamma Mia. They have thought about what makes a good friend during Personal Development, thinking about how people should behave towards others and how peopled are expected to behave towards them. Furthermore, they have also discussed what relaxation feels like and that relaxation techniques can be used anywhere. During PE, the children have been developing their multi-function skills such as kicking, catching and throwing as well as studying different components on street dance and the choreographing their own routines.