Year 4 November Update

It has been another busy month for year 4 this month with lots of new learning taking place in all areas of the curriculum.

As part of our literacy, we have been using a variety of secondary resources to identify and research the biomes and climates of different countries within Europe. We have then used this and our previous knowledge of these countries to write a non-chronological report of Spain.

In maths, we have been developing our formal written methods for multiplication and division. Using short multiplication and bus stop method to answer equation and solve a variety of problems.

In science, we have started to explore the different states of matter and their properties by identifying how each behaves through scientific observations.

As part of anti-bullying week, we have discussed and thought about bullying both face to face and cyberbullying and explored how reaching out can help, through telling a trusted adult. We have also discussed a variety of different scenarios, both real life and online, about what we would do to keep ourselves safe.

In our Personal Development lesson, we have continued with our learning on growing a positive mind set, by understanding that mistakes are useful. We listen to the story “The Most Magnificent Thing” and thought and discussed how we can overcome our own mistakes and grow our resilience.

In RE, we have learnt about the 5 Pillars of Islam and their importance to Muslims. We have then reflected on what we have learnt by comparing our lives to theirs.