Year 4 November

November has been another busy month with lot of fabulous learning taking place.

In literacy, we have been learning how to use expanded noun phrases, similes and metaphors to make our writing even more interesting!

As mathematicians we have been using formal written methods to help us calculate additions and subtractions of 4-digit numbers. We then used this knowledge to help us solve problems involving the inverse operation.

We have started a new topic this month in science: states of matter. To help us with our understanding, we have been doing lots of practical investigations helping us with our prediction and conclusion skills.

As musicians, we have started to write our very own compositions and have learnt lots of new musical vocabulary: dynamics, timbre, texture, pitch and rhythm.

We have also had our computing day and Anti-Bullying week this month.

As part of Anti-Bullying week, we discussed what is bullying? As a year group we defined bullying as “being unkind to some on serval times on purpose.” Next, we deliberated on the different kinds of bullying such as: physical, verbal, cyber and mental and looked at the difference between direct and indirect bullying. After this, we debated what we could do if we were getting bullied and where we could go within school to get help and support. Furthermore, we talked about what we would do if we saw someone being bullied and how we could be a good friend to them. Finally, we used our discussion to focus on different scenarios involving bullying thinking about how the victim would feel, as well as what we would do to help and put a stop to it.

For computing day, as a class we read the story Webster’s Friend, throughout the story, we stopped to deliberate Webster’s choices thinking and weather they were the right choices to keep him safe online. From this we thought about ours and other’s online identities and how they can be untruthful even how other people’s online identity can be different to the identity we present in ‘real life’. From this we thought about 5 top tips to keep us safe online.