Year 4 September Update


Wow, what a start to the year! Both classes have settled incredibly well and are working extremely hard.

In literacy, we have been using Oliver Jeffers’s story ‘Here We Are’ as a stimulus to explore our thoughts and feelings about the world around us. This heartfelt and thought-provoking book from Oliver Jeffers is dedicated to his son, Harland and was written in the first two months of Harland’s life. It was inspired by Oliver’s desire to make sense of the world for his son, but is also a gift to all children at this time, helping them to make sense of the world and their role in it.

This has been a year of significant world events, disrupting and changing the ways of life of people across the globe. In this unit of work, we have had the opportunity to explore our thoughts and feelings about these events through poetry, music, letter writing and discussion.

As mathematicians, we have been working hard on place value of 4 digit numbers. We can now identify the value of each and partition numbers and use these skills to compare and order. Then, we have begun to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

As scientists we have been exploring electricity. We have made simple circuits and learnt about a range of components, we can recognise materials that act as conductors and insulators and why these are necessary. We are also aware now of the dangers when working with electricity and understand how to keep ourselves safe.

In our art lessons we have been studying the famous British artist J.W.M Turner as part of our ‘Land of Hope Glory’ topic. As artists, we have studied different sketching techniques and used these to help us create drawings of famous London landmarks.

We have been exploring rhythm, pulse, beat and dynamics as musicians this term, using our bodies as percussion instruments.

As part of our PE curriculum, the children have been working extremely hard during swimming lessons and are becoming much confident in the water.

Miss Roberts and Miss Whale