Year 4s May Learning

As always, it’s been another incredibly busy month in year 4!


In literacy, we have been learning all about World War Two. The year group have been researching the outbreak of war and what life would have been like in Britain and used this to inform our writing. Also, we have learnt about the features of journalistic writing and have written about the Blitz using fronted adverbials and speech punctuation.

As mathematicians, we have been practicing our times tables as well as learning about converting between units of measure, statistics (pictograms and line graphs) and perimeter and area.

In science, we have started our new topic – Animals including humans – and have been studying different types of teeth. As a class, we have investigated the worst liquids for tooth decay and have found out that liquids containing a large amount of sugar and acid have the biggest impact.

During computing lessons, we have been learning about online content – who owns it, how we can use it and copyright. We have also considered how to keep ourselves safe online.

We have also taken part in numerous personal development lessons this month where we have thought about our rights and responsibilities, using kind words both in person and online, strategies for taking care of our physical and mental wellbeing and have explored appropriate and inappropriate social skills.

In PE, we have been practicing our gymnastics skills by thinking about different ways to travel across apparatus and in outdoor PE we have been focusing on athletics – running, jumping and throwing.

During our Spanish lessons, we have learnt the Spanish words for classroom commands through songs, games and written learning task.

Finally, we have been practicing our painting skills in art by studying Picasso and creating a portrait of the Queen in his cubist style as part of our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.