Year 5 – September

What a fabulous start to the new school year!

This month, the children in year 5 have been learning about Queen Victoria and Victorian Shropshire in Literacy and History. They have investigated the chronology of the era, found out more about British monarch and identified the grammatical features of a biography, in preparation for writing their own biography on Queen Victoria.

During History this month, the children have organised a selection of British monarchs in chronological order on a timeline as well as historical events from around the world to get an idea of the perspective of when these events happened in comparison to the present day.

In Science the children have been investigating forces. At first, they discussed what they believed forces were and what their experience of forces around us are. Then they raised questions that they’d like to investigate during the topic. To then conducting experiments on gravity to support or refute Galileo and Archimedes’ theories and carrying out investigations on air resistance.


Attached is the children’s Spanish topics for this term, there are different games and activities to complete using the QR code on the sheet.

Spanish home games


We have also been lucky enough to have a Cricket coach come into school to teach the children skills on how to play cricket.


The children spelling focus for this term are the units 1 – 4. Each unit focuses on a different spelling pattern and rule.

Unit 1_4

Mr Watkins & Mrs Ellis