Year 5 Trip – Enginuity

Year 5 enjoyed a fabulous day out to the Ironbridge museum Enginuity today, where they discovered and investigated forces by making ‘Power Buggies’. Working in teams, the children worked collaboratively to design, build and decorate their buggies. Learning how to create electrical circuits to power their vehicles, investigating aerodynamics to reduce air resistance and understanding how friction could have an impact on their overall speed. All leading up to a grand finale, where they had the chance to demonstrate their buggy’s speed in a timed drag race to see who’s buggy was the quickest!

Following all this excitement, the children then had the opportunity to explore the museum and find out how different forces have an impact on our everyday lives and learning how different mechanisms work.

We would also like to acknowledge the mature attitudes shown by Year 5 as we walked to and from the museum. Well done!