Year 5’s November learning

It’s been a busy November in Year 5!

In the first week we were lucky to be visited by a Maya specialist, offering lots of learning opportunities and activities, which the children enjoyed thoroughly.

Later in the month, we had Anti-bullying week where we had the opportunity to watch a production called ‘Hope’ which tackled many issues around the different forms of bullying and the children offered advice on what to do if you feel you’re being bullied.

On Friday 19th, Year 5 took part in Children in Need fundraising activities, wearing something spotty or CIN related to raise money, doing a fantastic job.

Throughout this month we have also been continuing our work on Materials in science, conducting experiments on the rate of dissolving when altering a control factor and investigating reversible and irreversible changes.

In Art this month, we have been investigating textures and their effect on a piece of artwork, analysing examples and completing our own range of varying textures.

Well done Year 5!