Year 6 – April

During April, Year 6 have studied different artists, their styles and the techniques they use in Art. They children have looked at the works of Lubaina Himid. Himid was a British Artist (born in Zanzibar) and she used her art to tell her stories about the identity and history of black people in Western Society. The children also looked at the works of Fiona Rae; the children used the artwork to inspire them to recreate the piece showing their thoughts and feelings through shapes, lines and colour choice.

In Personal Development, Year 6 have learnt about different aspects of a healthy lifestyle. This included diet, exercise, rest and relaxation and dental hygiene. The children reflected on their own lifestyles and set themselves targets for a healthy lifestyle. For example, try to relax before bed, rather than spend time on devices.

In numeracy, the children have recapped their knowledge of perimeter, before calculating area and volume of shapes. The children have also learnt how to convert between different units of measure. Year 6 have learnt how to multiply mixed number fractions, recapping their knowledge of converting mixed number fractions to improper fractions, and vice versa. The children have also enjoyed our new times table challenge, ‘The 99 Club’, where the children can go up a stage after getting each times table correct in their level.