Year 6 Learning in April

What a variety of things we have been learning about in April!

This month, we have been exploring the speech of Martin Luther King and why it was made. We explored the persuasive devices and powerful message within the speech. We were really inspired by him and his message, so we have written a similar empowering speech as if we were Ruby Bridges.

In science, we have started a new unit of work – Electricity. We have been investigating how components function – particularly the brightness of bulbs – and recognising specific symbols when representing a circuit diagram. Throughout the month of May, we will continue with exploring the unit Electricity.

At the end of April, we took part in the national event – ‘England does the Daily Mile’.

The children all took part in the daily mile and were absolutely brilliant – with some fantastic times. Everyone was fantastic, showing determination and resilience, and I think we have some future athletic champions. It was a chilly morning but we are so lucky to run in beautiful surroundings with stunning views – which obviously has a positive impact on Mental Health and Wellbeing.

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