FSM – Winter Covid Grant

Dear Parents/Carers

The Christmas holiday FSM Vouchers are coming from Telford & Wrekin and not the school.  Please see useful  information below.

If parents have not received a voucher for a child that they have applied for FSM for can they please be directed to email the winterfunding.grant@telford.gov.uk  giving their name, the child/children’s names they haven’t had the voucher for and the home address – we can re issue but only to the email address provided by the school as a contact.

 If the family have not applied for free school meals and the child receives them under the universal Free School Meal offer, where by all reception and year one students get a hot meal each day, they will need to head to www.telford.gov.uk/FSM and make an online application. Eligibility can be checked and if they qualify we will be notified and can issue the voucher.

Thank you.