March Update

During March, Year Six have had a variety of different learning opportunities.

In Literacy, the children read the story ‘Henry’s Freedom Box’ by Ellen Levine.  They discussed the story of Henry Brown’s life using Key Questions involving inference, deduction and fact retrieval. Furthermore, the children discussed the social, ethnic, cultural or religious diversity of the past and characteristic features of the past inc: beliefs, attitudes and experiences of men, women and children.  After reading the book, the children have written a biography of Henry’s life and a comparative report about Henry Brown and Ruby Bridges – a young girl who fought for equality within education.

A Year 6 science unit of learning has been ‘Inheritance and Evolution’. The children have explored variation and inheritance. They have also investigated adaption and how this may lead to evolution. The children did this through a beak investigation – helping them understand that living things have to adapt to survive in their environment and only the offspring that successfully adapts survives.