Recycle Races!

2000px-veolia-logo_svgToday we took part in a ‘Recycle Race’ with a lady who works at Veolia (a recycling company).

We found out that:

  • Light bulbs and batteries can’t go in the purple bin – they have to go next to it/on top of it to be collected.
  • Crisp packets cannot be recycled so they have to go in the red bin.
  • Cardboard and paper always go in the blue bag.
  • Garden waste, such as flowers and grass, go in the green bin.
  • Rubbish in the red bin is incinerated (burnt!)
  • Recyclables take 12 weeks to process before they are back on our shelves.

We are really looking to using our recycling knowledge at home to help try and improve our environment!

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