Spring1 Week 1

It’s been a great week back in nursery, the children have settled into the routines again brilliantly. Nursery learnt the story ‘Kind’ by Axel Scheffler with links to Personal, Social and Emotional Development as they represented their ideas about being kind through mark-making and role-play.

Next week, nursery will be exploring rhyming words in the story of the ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson as part of their literacy learning.

Vocabulary linked to adult-directed learning.

  • rhyming words/phrasing
  • stroll
  • terrible
  • frightfully
  • poisonous
  • feast
  • scrambled
  • scariest
  • astounding


The ‘Favourite Five’ story for next week will be ‘Oi Frog!’ by Kes Gray. 


Key Vocabulary to share with your child:

  • knobbly
  • uncomfortable
  • hare
  • mule
  • stool
  • gopher
  • iron
  • plough
  • stork
  • pillar
  • weasel
  • easel
  • newt
  • flute
  • gibbon

Our focus song will be ‘The Wheels on the Bus’.


The Secrets of Success award this week for ‘Understand Others’ and the winners have shown that they can help others and understand when their friends are upset. Well done to Ivy-Leigh, Addison, Harry and Lottie-Rose!

learning journey sharing

This week it was blue group’s turn to take their learning journeys home for sharing with their friends and family. Please remember to return on Monday.

key dates for spring term

  • Phonics ‘stay and learn’ sessions will run through the week beginning 22nd January – 26th January 2024
  • Term ends on Friday 9th February 2024