Year 3 D&T Roman weapon construction!

This week, we have been making Roman weapons in the form of trebuchets and catapults. We researched these weapons and decided which were the best materials to use to re-create one. We then designed our own catapults using the specifications in our ‘design brief’.  Constructing strong, sturdy shapes was a fiddly task but after some quality control, evaluating strengths and adjusting them where needed, we had made some fabulous catapults! We tested them outdoors and measured how far we could lauch a ‘boulder’. We then shared our learning with year 4, who were very impressed! Finally, we had a ‘shoot out’ in battle line formation to see which class was the winner!SAM_0819 SAM_0820 SAM_0821 SAM_0822 SAM_0823 SAM_0825 SAM_0826 SAM_0827 SAM_0829 SAM_0830 SAM_0831 SAM_0832 SAM_2206 SAM_2207 SAM_2208 SAM_2209 SAM_2210 SAM_2212 SAM_2213 SAM_2215 SAM_2218 SAM_2219 SAM_2221