Holidays! Picture News!

This weeks picture news is based around holidays.

Story: According to Google Maps, travel has decreased by around 85% around the UK.

Question:  Do we think people will travel less in the future?

Please find attached resources, newspaper articles and ideas to use to discuss this theme. Assembly Resource – 20th April British Values – 20th April Holiday brochure plan Learning from Home Ideas – 20th April My journey Picture News at Home – 20th April Picture News Paper – 20th April Picture News Prompt 1 Picture News Prompt 2 Picture News Resource England – 20th April Resource 1 – 20th April Resource 2 – 20th April


Think Tank Birmingham!

Year 2 had a fantastic trip to the Think Tank this week and brought back lots of memories and awesome body knowledge from out fantastic science lesson! We got to learn about the inside of the body and how it works and also outside in the science garden we were able to explore all the exciting ways that we can make energy.

World Book Day

Everyone has had a fantastic day celebrating ‘World Book Day’ in school. We have seen some amazing costumes and have shared many of our favourite stories. The children have all been given their £1 voucher to buy a free book! Thank you to all children and parents for your continued support!

Music in Year 2

We have been learning to play the penny whistle (an untuned instrument). Max our music teacher, visited weekly for 5 weeks. In this time we learned how to hold the whistle, how to blow the whistle and finally how to play the notes B, A & G. We then used this knowledge of notation to play familiar nursery rhymes and theme tunes. We thought carefully about pitch and tone and how they affected the music we were playing.    


Telford’s 50th birthday celebrations!

To help mark the 50th birthday of Telford, year 3 have been looking at fashion, and how it has changed over the last 50 years. We have really loved making ‘fashion boards’ informative PowerPoint videos (complete with special effects and animations) and cool 70’s style tie dye t-shirts. We also loved exploring the other classes in school to see all of thier hard work! Well done everyone!


Take a look at one of our fabulous PowerPoints!

Fashion through the decades